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training faq

training faq

Q.1. What is covered in the course?

A.1. We cover all the basics in Level I, come, sit, down, stay, off/don’t touch, street protection/no-street and leash control. The first part of class is a question and answer session. This is your opportunity to get solutions to common behavioral problems such as jumping up, barking, chewing and house breaking. Level II classes are a 4 week consecutive course and student must commit to all classes. The emphasis in Level II is teaching impulse control and ultimately working off leash. We expand on all skills acquired in Level I as well as verbal down, down-stay with distraction, distant commands, stand, stand-stay, swing sit and emergency stop.

Q.2. Where do the classes meet?

A.2. Classes are held in the parking lot of The Urban Pet located at 7515 Beverly Blvd. (just west of Gardner), Los Angeles 90036. Do not park in the parking lot so arrive early to anticipate street parking!

Q.3. When do classes meet?

A.3. Classes are 1 hour and meet weekly on Sunday mornings at 9:00am. Advanced class meets Thursday at 7:00pm or Sundays at 10:00am. Students must graduate Level I and have a complete understanding of all the commands to enroll in advanced training.

Q.4. At what age can I enroll my puppy?

A.4. Dogs of all ages can benefit from group class and are encouraged to join. Puppies may enroll as early as 10 weeks of age provided their shots are current. It is recommended that puppies under the age of 10 weeks enroll in a private session.

Q.5. What do I bring?

A.5. Bring a regular leash and collar (no retractable leashes or choke chains!), and your dog’s favorite treats. Also, if you have one, bring your halti, pinch collar or no-pull harness. If you are in question of which to purchase, please consult Zack.

Do not feed your dog before class, i.e. no breakfast before morning classes or no dinner before evening classes.

Q.6. What is the cost?

A.6. WThe fee for a course of 5 classes is $175.00. Checks, cash and credit cards are accepted. Please address checks to The Urban Pet.

Q.7. What happens if I miss a class?

A.7. Classes are on-going. Once you participate in the introductory class, you may attend the class of your preference. If you miss a class you may make it up at the discretion of the instructor.

Q.8. When is the next introductory class?

A.8. The introductory session is offered weekly and meets 1/2 hour prior to class (8:30 am on Sundays). This allows time for one-on-one interaction with the students and their dogs. You then join the regularly scheduled on-going class. Those clients who have in-home private training do not need to attend the introductory class and may join at any time.

Q.9. How do I register?

A.9. To register, please submit an inquiry and include your contact information. It is important to have a phone consultation prior to your initial class.