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Our General Manager


Musician. Food lover. Animal Activist. The Urban Pet’s General Manager Jonathan Elliott’s passions reflect the diversity and eclectic style of the Urban Pet L.A. community. Since his arrival in Hollywood in 2002, the Washington D.C. native has continued to pursue a music career and a love of cooking alongside his love for animals, an effort that led him to the Beverly Boulevard location. When Sarah, his now fiancée, rescued two street cats and brought him to The Urban Pet for supplies, Jonathan was enticed by the animal-friendly atmosphere and Urban Pet staff – and applied to work at the Silver Lake Store.

Since then, Jonathan’s seven years of experience at Urban Pet has provided him with a formidable expertise in the animal supply business, specifically animal nutrition. Learning about and experiencing first hand the health benefits of feeding animals a premium quality diet has inspired him to spread the awareness of the importance of optimal pet nutrition. On any given day at any of Urban Pet’s four locations, you’ll find Jonathan speaking to nutrition reps, buyers and talking to customers, and educating them about the benefits of a whole food diet. A popular mantra at Urban Pet is about providing pets with the same nutritional quality that is reserved for their human owners, and it’s a rule that Jonathan lives by.

Prior to joining Urban Pet L.A., Jonathan was a successful caterer, cooking and catering for a private company tailored to a predominantly Hollywood clientele. His organizational abilities teamed with his dynamic sense of leadership and attention to detail have made Jonathan a popular staff member and a valuable addition to the Urban Pet team.

As General Manager, Jonathan oversees the logistics of all business endeavors, in addition to a diverse staff at the The Urban Pet locations: Beverly, Silver Lake, Pasadena, and Eagle Rock. Jonathan lives in a beautiful loft in trendy downtown Los Angeles, shared by his fiancée Sarah, his many pet companions, Stella, Isabella, Rocky, Clementine, and Guinness.  Naturally, Jon continues to celebrate his passion for music and cooking.