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meet zack grey


Zack Grey is the creator and owner of The Urban Pet located in Los Angeles, Silver Lake, Eagle Rock, and South Pasadena. After segueing from a 14 year career as a professional dancer, he worked as a personal assistant to a well-known Hollywood dog trainer, Shelby Marlo.  From there he transitioned into launching his own dog training company, UrbanTails, in 2004, and was quickly lauded for his innovative personal training and technique. When the pet store that hosted his group obedience classes closed, Zack was inspired to open a store of his own. What evolved in 2007 was The Urban Pet; a sprawling 5000-square-foot zen-like space featuring the finest pet foods and supplies the industry had to offer.

The leap of faith proved successful. In 2010 Zack opened a second store in Silver Lake, followed by Moon Shine grooming salon, a third retail location in South Pasadena and the recently opened Eagle Rock Blvd.   Contemporary décor, artful displays and empowered staff dedicated to the customer service make The Urban Pet a sleek city experience. The desired spirit was achieved by using stereo surround sound, koi ponds with calming water features and welcoming sitting areas, earth-toned colors, dropped globe light and elements of feng shui to orientate the space.

Zack Grey’s presence has generated enormous momentum throughout the industry. Listed by the industry’s leading publication, Pet Product News International, as one of the top 25 people to follow, Zack was invited to speak in Las Vegas at Super Zoo, the largest pet industry trade show. In addition, The Urban Pet was awarded Retailer of The Year for outstanding merchandising and design.

The Urban Pet and Zack Grey have been profiled by numerous publications including, IN Los Angeles, La Brea Living, You and Pet Product News International. Media credits include Access Hollywood, Fox Reality Remix, Reality Chat, the trainer in Lifetime series “Off the Leash” and was a featured guest on KROQ’s Kevin & Bean Show. His client list includes Amanda Seyfried, Jenna Dewan, Channing Tatum, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia DeRossi, Mila Jovavich, Pink, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Linda Resnick among many.

Zack lives in Los Angeles with his six cats, Monique, Kelly-Daniels, Rock Star, Audrey, Roosevelt, Vivian, his two dogs Navajo Joe and River Moon.

Most importantly, Zack has the memories of his beloved companion Mr. Moon who passed in 2015. Mr. Moon was the inspiration for everything that has become.



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The majority of problems encountered by city dogs find their roots in boredom and the lack of proper socialization.


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