Meet Zack Grey

Zack Grey with Mr. Moon

Zack Grey is the creative founder and owner of The Urban Pet and is a veterinarian-recommended professional dog trainer specializing in obedience. After launching his dog training company UrbanTails, in 2004, he was quickly lauded for his innovative personal training and technique. Three years later Zack launched The Urban Pet, a 5,000sq ft supply store featuring premium foods and innovative products, re-defining the way people shop for their pets. He has since opened The Urban Pet Silver Lake, South Pasadena, and Moonshine Grooming.

Zack Grey has been profiled by numerous publications including, IN Los Angeles, La Brea Living, You and Pet Product News International. Media credits include Access Hollywood, Fox Reality Remix, Reality Chat, the trainer in Lifetime series “Off the Leash” and was a featured guest on KROQ’s Kevin & Bean Show. His client list includes Amanda Seyfried, Jenna Dewan, Channing Tatum, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia DeRossi, Mila Jovavich, Pink, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Linda Resnick among many.

Zack Grey’s presence has generated enormous momentum throughout the industry. Listed by the industry’s leading publication, Pet Product News International, as one of the top 25 people to follow, Zack was invited to speak in Las Vegas at Super Zoo, the largest pet industry trade show. Respected in his native Hollywood as a motivational trainer with a dynamic personality, he possesses that unique quality – to be able to effectively communicate with both owners and dogs. He has brought peace of mind to scores of frustrated dog owners that even in the worst behavioral scenario there exists hope, help and humor.

His training philosophy is simple: develop a healthy, trusting and respectful relationship by implementing nutrition, obedience, socialization and exercise. A trained dog will listen and respond accordingly to your commands and recognize you as “pack leader” capable of providing love, protection and nourishment. Once this connection is achieved, your dog becomes more than your pet, your dog becomes your companion.

Zack lives in Los Angeles with his six cats, Monique, Kelly-Daniels, Rock Star, Audrey, Roosevelt, Vivian, 2 Navajo sheep dogs, Navajo Joe and River Moon.  And of course, his beloved companion Mr. Moon.

Mr. Moon