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group classes

Group classes are taught by Zack Grey and designed to offer you and your dog the opportunity to learn all of the basics in an environment other than your home. It is important to realize that dogs are situational learners-in your house, where there is little distraction, your dog typically feels comfortable and more focused.

The objective of group classes is to build your dog’s confidence and teach him to focus on you and your commands no matter what the external circumstance. Training your dog in this environment is an excellent means for him to socialize which is imperative for proper emotional development.

Level I classes are on an on-going basis which affords the students flexibility to miss and make-up classes and to attend the days of their choice. Even after one class, using positive reinforcement and motivational training, students are constantly amazed how quickly their pets learn. The first part of class involves a question and answer forum. This is your opportunity to get solutions to common behavioral problems such as barking, chewing and jumping up. Also offered in each class is an introduction to agility which we combine with obedience to further build confidence.

While dogs with behavioral problems such as excessive barking, pulling on the leash, fear, aggression or house soiling derive benefit from group classes, it is highly recommended they enroll in a private session as well.

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