Dog Training

Dog training is about opening up channels of communication in order to build the perfect relationship with your pet. The stronger the relationship, the more responsive your pet will be. Training is the only means to open up channels of communication with your pet and is on-going and never ends. The educational experience is a life long process which begins from the moment we are born…the same is true for your dog. Sit, Come, Down and Stay are commands to be used everyday, whether before meals or on daily walks. These commands strengthen the LEADER-FOLLOWER RELATIONSHIP, which is our primary objective. When you speak, your dog will listen and respond accordingly, not when “he feels like it” or “only when I have a treat,” but every single time!

Obedience not only establishes and reinforces you as the pack leader but is also instrumental in preventing behavioral problems before they have an opportunity to develop. By implementing obedience and structure in your dog’s life, not only will he become more manageable but also happier….but so will you!

Enjoy the journey.

When should I begin training?